Happy Birthday, Dad. I was listening to a video essay by Khadija Mbowe, Stans: The perk and price of celebrity, and something she said made me pause the video and stare into the void. “As someone who has lost a parent, it took me three years to start feeling like myself, like a person in … Continue reading Grief


You ever have one of those moments when you just giggle to yourself. It’s a private joke that only you implicitly understand or one that if you explained wouldn’t be as funny to anyone else because 1) they don’t have your sense of humour and 2) nobody likes it when you have to explain the … Continue reading Anniversary

Finish line

I really did it, 30 day straight of content. Consistent blogging for a month, honestly if you would have told me I would have accomplished this at the start of the year I probably would have hit you with Yeaaaaah suuuuure. What have I learnt I hear you say, firstly I learnt that I can … Continue reading Finish line


Yesterday I lay in my bed, durag and sleep mask on with soothing bed time meditation music playing , wide awake. Even in an ideally peaceful situation my mind wouldn't switch off as one thought dominated my brain - I need to find a role. I should start by saying I am grateful to have … Continue reading Peace


I am feeling really good despite learning some horrible news. On another day, this would have completely wrecked me but friends, family and what I can only imagine are an abundance of prayers have kept me not just okay but good. I saw this image earlier today and it reminded me how quickly feelings can … Continue reading Happy

Built different

Down one point with 16.8 seconds left on the game clock, the Lakers inbound the ball to LeBron James. Guarded by Jimmy Butler, LeBron is about to receive a pick (when a teammate attempts to block a defensive player away from the person he is guarding) from Danny Green which draws his defender Duncan Robinson … Continue reading Built different


Today was a lazy day. In terms of what I planned to do in my head and what I actually achieved, I feel unfulfilled. There is this imaginary version of myself that did all the writing I wanted to do today, some touch notch work, and still had the energy to drive his Mum down … Continue reading Lazy


This week I have found myself in my feels a lot. I think of myself as emotionally available but balanced so I was a little perplexed. Talking with my therapist today she suggested a reason for my recent low mood - projection. This is when people take unwanted emotions they don't like about themselves and … Continue reading Feelings


Although it appeared to be written in the stars, the Los Angeles Lakers reaching the NBA Finals was still a feat made all the more impressive when the environment is taken into consideration. Being labelled the favourite can be as much a gift as a curse (see the Clippers) so it should not be understated … Continue reading Diligence


There is something about being seen, I mean truly seen. I have encountered more and more friends and family that truly see me and inspire me to be me.  It is so powerful when you share something and someone can relate to you, it reminds you that you aren’t alone and that is a liberating … Continue reading Authenticity

Little wins

As I drove to my aunt’s studio I smiled to myself. Here I was driving her jeep with such ease I barely considered the significance. I remember the first time I saw her roll up with her navy blue Porsche Cayenne. I instantly adored it as she let me sit in the drivers’ chair with … Continue reading Little wins

In my blood

My first memory of driving was the Legoland driving school. I remember zipping around the enclosed roads, not a care in the world at what felt like superhuman speeds (in reality maybe 5 mph). I was a natural and got my Legoland license at the first attempt. That was the beginning of a life long … Continue reading In my blood

Groundhog day

My therapist often corrects herself. She will instinctively change girl to young woman for example when we are talking because she understands the power of words and how it can be offensive to use the wrong label for someone. This display of empathy is one of the many things I appreciate about her. I can't … Continue reading Groundhog day


I remember watching a play Notes from the Field with a friend. During one particular scene Anna Deavere Smith, who created, wrote and performed the play, was in character as a black man talking about his heightened awareness of his own mortality. This really resonated with me because I have never been someone who can … Continue reading Mortality


Let me begin by saying the law of attraction is wild. Watching a YouTube video on incompatibility further illustrated this point. The video boiled down to a single statement is compatibility =/= attraction. That is you can be completely compatible with someone you don’t find attractive while at the same time attracted to someone who … Continue reading Attraction

The Club

It is the worst. I don’t say that hyperbolically. Whenever I find out that someone is a member of or just joining this club my heart breaks a little. We don’t have cool events, nice t-shirts or a club chant, we just share in an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Losing a parent. … Continue reading The Club

The Climb Back

I have been allowing perfectionism to stop me from sharing any work so I will be releasing new content for 30 days starting from today. Shout out to my interim agent for this challenge.  Today I’m going to talk about the Clippers. You might not be familiar with basketball so let me get you up … Continue reading The Climb Back

What ifs

As I reminisced about a young romance, I realised something about myself. Something I have always known. I hate what ifs. As I've long since moved on I’ll share the story. Our location was primary school where the sun was shining, the birds chirping and I beaming as it was my birthday. I came to … Continue reading What ifs

Note to self

Hey Aharoun, How are you? I honestly hope you are good. I just wanted to tell you it's okay. You haven't been as consistent as you want to. Looking at your blog stresses you because it is another reminder of what you haven't done. Old posts are like rocks tied to your waist pulling you … Continue reading Note to self


First off I understand. For full disclosure, this isn't the first time I have tried to write this post (and I will address that soon) but JUST DO IT. Do what you may ask? The thing that has been on your mind to do, the thing that you want to, but are afraid to do … Continue reading JUST DO IT