Donnie Drumpf

I  didn’t want to write this. Firstly, I assumed all that could be said about this topic had been said and as someone who is not American, I wasn’t sure it was my place. But due to the bright spark who decided to run for President of my students’ union as Donald Trump, I now feel it is my duty to carefully explain why that is problematic at best and mainly just another example of white people being tone deaf.

Before I start I wold like to explain my bias. You see I co-founded the Ethnic Minority Network in my students’ union, to serve as a platform so that the voice of ethnic minority students could be heard (although this seems less like an achievement and more like a waste of time at this moment). So I hope you can understand why I take issue with the fact this candidate has chosen to run as this racist, sexist, demagogue.

So by now (as I hope you have been following) you might have picked up on how I like to substantiate what I say. So without even touching on some of the weirdest things he has said (such as wanting to date his daughter, defending the size of his penis or implying that Frederick Douglass is still alive) I want to briefly explain why Donnie is not a role model.

  • he claimed Mexicans were rapists
  • he claimed a judge was biased towards him because the judge was Mexican, he’s not
  • he spread lies that President Obama was not born in the US
  • he said he would ‘grab them by the pussy’ and then claim it was ‘locker room talk
  • he then said that was just locker room talk
  • he called for and then enacted a Muslim ban
  • he insulted a Muslim gold star family
  • he refused to condemn the white supremacists that supported his campaign
  • he appointed an attorney general who was not confirmed as a judge as it was thought he was too racist to be a judge (he is now in hot water due to recently revealed meetings he had with a Russian Ambassador)
  • his company was sued by the Justice Department, twice, for not renting to black people
  • he supports stop and frisk
  • he mocked a disabled reporter

There’s no resemblance obviously

So given this (incomplete) laundry list, think about the implication of someone running for any position, using his personality as a template. To be honest it feels like a tremendous slap in the face and I am not even sure who to be angry at or blame. The student who thought this was funny, his friends who supported this exercise in stupidity or the union who sanctioned the apparent promotion of the man-child Trump and who apparently at no point thought of the potential bad PR this could attract.

Or maybe they did and maybe they just don’t care. Maybe they just don’t care about ethnic, female, Muslim or disabled students.

Now you may think I am overreacting and that this is all just banter but allow me to explain the slippery slope we are on using an example. In the tweet below, the student makes a joke about #fakenews.

This is not funny, this is dangerous. This trend of delegitimising media that does not say what you want it to is something dictators, not democracies encourage and joking about this normalises this behaviour, which leads us further down the slope. But that’s just one example you might say, the candidate hasn’t done or said anything racist, he’s just playing a character. See the thing about change is that it doesn’t happen overnight, it can be slow and insidious even. Normalising this kind of behaviour opens up the door for more of trumps antics to be rationalised and thus adopted by the mainstream. Today we joke about fake news, tomorrow we start burning crosses.

And furthermore, although the candidate may not be a racist or sexist does that even matter, if you’ve just been mugged and you see someone dressed as a police officer are you going to go up to them and ask for help or assume they are just in fancy dress?

I am reminded of a few weeks ago when I was showing off my department to potential students and was asked by one prospective student about the level of diversity within the university and town. She asked the question subtly but I instantly knew what she was getting at. At the time I gleefully told her of how it had been improving in leaps and bounds and was a far-cry from the days in my first year where I was the only male Black fresher in my hall. I can’t help but regret that now. This really hurts me because I have spent a good part of my time at university trying to make ethnic students more visible and more welcome in this mainly white and middle-class arena. But the fact that apparently no-one in the union thought it was a BAD idea for a candidate to base their campaign to be the student union president on Donald is quite a loud indication that efforts to do so have been in vain.

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author.

10 thoughts on “Donnie Drumpf

  1. Danny says:

    With you all the way on this one buddy. The exec elections are at best a parade of muppets in costume dancing to get your vote, which is the way it is and probably always will be, that’s a bit of fun before the serious job begins and that’s fair, but for someone to think that using trump as a figurehead for their own election campaign is just pure idiocy.


  2. Jess says:

    The fact that you do not study at the university in which he is running for president is clear, due to your lack of information. The Union themselves strongly advised against George running with the theme of “Trump” due to it potentially upsetting fellow students. However George felt that it was best to make light of a bad situation and has clearly expressed this throughout his campaign and that he does not mean any harm using this figure. He felt that using such a strong political name would draw attention to himself and therefore gain more attention to his manifesto which is to help improve the students union. Not build a “wall” dividing international students and national students as a true “trump” supporter would.

    I will admit that Trump is no role model by any stretch of the imagination and completely agree with your points again the man by all degrees, however the campaign which is done for Student Presidents is aimed entirely at other Loughborough University Students and not for public. After all, he is only running to represent the Students Union, who will monitor his work, not take over the country.


    • aharountheauthor says:

      I actually Jess, I do study at Loughborough and have done so for 5 years. They union should have done more than strongly advised him against it, they should not have allowed him to run using that theme. If he wanted to run as a clansman would the union have allowed that?

      There are other ways of drawing attention to yourself other than imitating a racist, so I don’t see your point.

      Furthermore as the president of the union he represents Loughborough students union outside, therefore it shows Loughborough in a terrible light if our representatives have anything to do with racists.


      • Jess says:

        The whole idea of hustings is a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. I can see you are one of the reasons that the union advised against the idea and I do not mean any disrespect, everyone here a loughborough is family and entitled to their own opinion!

        Unfortunately the Union is unable to prevent a campaign due to the Freedom of Speech; how good would it look on the Loughborough Union if they prevented someone running a campaign because they disagree with it? Unfortunately so many people have got to agree with Trump over in America for him to have ended up in the position in the first place?

        I myself know him personally, and know he means no malice in his actions; just a laugh as usual! He will not likely succeed in gaining the position and will therefore not represent Loughborough so I think we need not worry about that. If he does succeed though, look at how quickly the previous union president was overturned? If people are unhappy, I’m sure the same will happen again.

        George is far from a racist or Trump “wannabe” and therefore do believe we have nothing to disagreee with, as I said; I too hate the man because his is racist and inappropriate for the role of President.


      • aharountheauthor says:

        I would think the union would be able to dissuade a candidate of an offensive theme but I take your point.

        My point is, in him trying to have a laugh he is trivialising and normalising behaviour and actions that are abhorrent and so I can’t be silent about that.

        He may think he is far from racist but that fact he didn’t think there was anything wrong with basing his theme on trump speaks volumes.

        Regardless, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I like to hear different opinions


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