First off I understand.

For full disclosure, this isn’t the first time I have tried to write this post (and I will address that soon) but JUST DO IT.

Do what you may ask? The thing that has been on your mind to do, the thing that you want to, but are afraid to do because of what people might say or think.  The thing that you really feel like doing when you are filled with inspiration, but it makes you nervous or anxious when you actually sit down and try.

Why? Because if you are reading this, you still have time. It is never too late. A new year comes with new possibilities for those who are brave enough to take them. So be brave and JUST DO IT.

“Okay Aharoun, JUST DO IT you say (like a bad Shia LaBeouf impression) but it’s not that simple, I mean it took you 5 months just to write this post”, you might rebut. True (slightly mean and oddly specific internet person), but true nonetheless. So allow me to inspire you with help from you.

Step 1

Write a list of your accomplishments of the last year. For reference here’s mine (in no particular order);

  1. Graduated with a first class masters degree
  2. Got a job as a consultant at a world-class technology company
  3. Visited China and improved my mandarin
  4. Travelled to 3 countries (China, Malta and Portugal)
  5. Lead a successful networking event for a charity dear to my heart
  6. Was lead buddy for the same charity’s annual summer leadership programme
  7. Started my blog
  8. Bought my dream car and paid in full
  9. Started saving
  10. Sorted out my finances

Don’t worry about the length or items on the list. This is your personal highlight reel, it matters to you. My list comprises of things prayed, wish and yearned for throughout the last year that I was fortunate enough to accomplish. It is often easy to be excited for and appreciate something before you have it, only to disregard it when you have it (the beauty of the chase I guess) but make time to look back and you will discover not only how far you have come, but also remember all that you have already done.

A dream come true.

Step 2

Set goals for the new year. Don’t overthink this but instead have fun with it. Allow me to explain with my goals.

Dream goals

  • I will become a published author.
  • I will start my own tech company.
  • I will buy my mum the home of her dreams.

For this level, the sky is the limit (or the start). Dream big, like you did as a child. Nothing is too absurd. Typically goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) but for this level forget that and speak into existence your current wildest desires as they may shift as times passes and you can use this as a good review year on year.

Ambitious goals

  • I will save £10,000 by December.
  • I will read 24 books by December.
  • I will read the whole Bible by December.

Think of these goals as stretch goals for the year. These are goals you passively strive for or look to accomplish after the next level of goals below.

Mediocre goals 

  • I will finish the HTML and JavaScript courses I have by March.
  • I will improve my maximum squat weight by 50kg by June.
  • I will improve my Mandarin and learn 500 new characters by September.
  • I will write 24 blog posts by December.

This is the bare minimum you set for yourself. These should definitely be SMART. Write them down on paper and hang them in your room to serve as a constant reminder. Check your progress against them often and keep them in your mind as you become what you think about.

I’ll tell you about China soon.

Step 3


You have reflected, you have planned (and thus will not fail) and now you must DO, there is no try.

If you want encouragement share this post and send a trusted friend your SMART goals to have an accountability partner. Or if you are feeling particularly brave, post your lists in the comments and I’ll reach out to check on your progress.

In 2018 we will JUST DO IT.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

(FYI Nike, we can totally work out a sponsorship deal)

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author

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