Note to self

Hey Aharoun,

How are you? I honestly hope you are good.

I just wanted to tell you it’s okay. You haven’t been as consistent as you want to. Looking at your blog stresses you because it is another reminder of what you haven’t done. Old posts are like rocks tied to your waist pulling you down deeper into distress. You feel like you have lost momentum, lost a budding audience, maybe even lost your spark.

BUT it is well. First off, be kinder to yourself. What’s done is done, you don’t have to beat yourself up. Nor do you have to worry about it, doing either will change nothing. For all your worries remember that your God is bigger. Remember Job, he lost everything only to gain even more. All that you ‘think’ you have lost you can regain even more. Remember why you started, use that and keep going. You have talent, you can do this, so let’s do it – together.



(If this was too short for you, check out my black history month piece on MTV to tide you over. Thank you for your support)


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