Random thoughts #1

I love my friends. I feel like I don’t tell them enough. I appreciate them for who they are and I love to be a cheerleader for them. I don’t see all of them as much as I want. If I were to win the lottery I would buy an apartment and have all of us live together in our different flats for a time just so we could be close together. I have had to learn to not overestimate my importance in others lives because I think in the past I would call someone a friend whereas they’d see me as more of an acquaintance. This knowledge has enabled me to be more discerning with who I call my friends which is important because when I pour into someone I give it my all. Time and experience has shown me I need to be careful as I have the predisposition to draw from my reserves rather than my excess.

Me hyping my friends and any opportunity.

I love travelling. One of my best friends said I am my best self when travelling and I agree with him. I wonder if that’s because I am free and unencumbered from the stress of the daily grind or free because I allow myself to be in the moment and present as to enjoy the experience fully. I pray it is the latter as that is an attainable state. I imagine if I were like that more of the time I would be happier and more satisfied with my life. If it is in fact the former I need to examine my life to understand what it is I am forever attempting to escape from.

I love love. I freely admit that I crave intimacy. I enjoy getting to know people deeply and I am getting better at continuing to be myself regardless. I am not egoless but I can be very accommodating and malleable which can lead me to become the version of myself that someone likes, rather than my whole self, which is not ideal for a fruitful relationship. Learning boundaries, what I like and don’t like has been vital. Learning to love myself and being single has also been important. I didn’t see it as a desired state and spent a lot of my adolescence aspiring to be in a relationship but the truth is singleness can be peace. I should be as at peace single as in a relationship.

Me and someone’s daugther (one day).

I love writing. The challenge of crafting something from a blank slate is difficult but rewarding. The process of editing and refining what you have to say in as much brevity while maintaining coherence is not without its difficulty. Nevertheless I strive to get my thoughts on paper, my madness online because being able to calm the storm of my mind through expression is nothing short of therapeutic. I have less love for the marketing and design aspects and in that vein I am constantly reminded that I have to find my tribe. There is no Key without Peele, no Jobs without Wozniak. I too need to find my partners, tribe members and team to get my grander ideas, bigger stories to a wider audience. It takes a village and I hope to find my villagers soon. 

Peace and Love, 

Aharoun the Author 


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