Poetic thoughts #4

I grin like an idiot because your smile makes me melt 

you are buffer in person, rah I’m actually nervous  

My eye contact is unnerving but you are the only thing I want to look at 

are you looking away because I’m boring you or creeping you out

You make a joke and as I laugh I touch your shoulder

i’d been waiting to do that and you don’t seem to mind

I let my guard down and talk to you openly hoping you see the real me

praying that you like what you see

I mention my love of touch, imploring you to mention if I make you uncomfortable 

i want to feel you, you to feel my warmth, appreciation and longing for you

Consent received I start to be more deliberate caressing your brown skin 

you feel as good as you look, i’m struggling to focus

The way you talk, for the first time I feel seen. I’m naked but my clothes are on 

how can you read my mind already

It feels like its just us and I get lost in you

you taste sweeter than honey and leave me hungrier with every bite

You drain me but I never feel empty

your body is immaculate, if you could only see it through my eyes

I just want to spend time with you, talking is optional 

am I catching feelings?

Maybe it shouldn’t be, things are left unsaid but instead I hope you can hear by touch 

she knows I like her, like this is obvious at this point right?

I am naked but do you see me, do you hear me?

maybe I should tell her I like her but what if she doesn’t like me … 

You like my touch, of that I am sure so I redouble my efforts

if she likes my touch maybe she will also grow to like me

But one day that too turns you cold

what did I do, what happened 

Panicked I blurt out all the things left unsaid in a flurry without coherence 

this was a mistake 

I can see you don’t believe me, the words come off empty, you have heard them before 

but you saw me, you felt me, why can’t you hear me

How I wish you weren’t an alchemist, transforming the Ag I speak into hot gas 

why didn’t you tell me what happened 

You didn’t believe me when I said I liked you and worse you won’t believe me now

i couldn’t believe you liked me and now you having liked me is the worst 

The cycle repeats

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author


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