Poetic thoughts #5

There once was a boy who wanted to change the world

he longed to spread happiness and healing

he desired this so bad, he meditated day and night

One day from within the black boy a gold spark was lit

this spark became a flame so intense the boy’s eyes once brilliant brown became an ardent amber

Out of the boy poured a golden aura

spread deep from within, it encircled him in a sphere of lambent light

The shimmering sphere ravenous kept growing, as big as his room, as big as his flat, as big as his block

all within had ailments healed, spirits lifted and hope restored

Within hours news spread through word of mouth and media and crowds of believers and naysayers alike formed outside the block

as the brilliant bubble grew it enveloped those in attendance and they too were transformed

foes became friends, friends became family and long held grudges were let go

Soon news vans from every channel clamoured the nearby streets for their own view of the ever growing golden globe

as it swelled it swallowed seven vans, spreading serenity amongst the correspondents

instantly they sang praises of the ornate orb and the world at large

As it grew to border the whole city, those looking to make a profit slithered onto the scene

into his home and room they rushed and as they snatched him up

I awoke in a shock, struggling to make sense of the dream

when I noticed my eyes amber, they still glowed.

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author


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