Poetic thoughts #6

Love at first sight

but I’m not shallow and neither are you

You are so much more than the visual; funny, inspiring and bright

When you speak, the wisdom flows and I agree with your entire worldview

Still you know your personality isn’t what attracted me

Overwhelmed I am with how good you look, your brown skin sparkles

I know I should stop staring but if you’re a lock, I will find the key

We haven’t spoken yet

I feel like I should say something, the thought of you got my heart jumping – J. Cole

Maybe I should say

Yooooo, I don’t know your name but excuse me miss I saw you from across the roomChris Brown

Nah that’s too corny, how about

How you doin’ – Joey Tribbiani

That’s not it either

In essence I want to say you could be my Michelle

But I don’t want to come across like a golden retriever

Tongue wagging and overeager only to set off an alarm bell

But time is wasting so let me speak while I still have the bravery of wine

“I saw you and was hit by an arrowhead

so I hope to make you mine”

22:00 – left on read

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author


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