Little victories

It might seem premature but I’m going to congratulate myself today. I am proud of myself for the consistency I have shown over the last 24 days. A blog a day without fail. I am impressed because before this point I had 19 in just over 2 years.

With the ramp up I have seen the blog following double and my reach explode. I am very grateful for all the new subscribers and appreciate all the feedback immensely. I have also resisted the urge to say “to you this may not seem like much” or feel like “I’m not doing enough and there is a long way to go”.

It is easy to forget that progress is not linear and that the most successful aren’t those that go the extra mile occasionally but those who go the extra inch daily.

Consistency is the difference between making progress and procrastination.

Small, sustainable and consistent habits are how you make progress and adding up this progress properly — week to week, month to month, and ultimately year to year — avoids work burnout and eventually will get you to your goal.

So I want to remind you to celebrate the seemingly little wins of consistency because today’s incremental progression will be tomorrow’s big win. Don’t get so caught up in the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey there.

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author.


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