Finish line

I really did it, 30 day straight of content. Consistent blogging for a month, honestly if you would have told me I would have accomplished this at the start of the year I probably would have hit you with Yeaaaaah suuuuure. What have I learnt I hear you say, firstly I learnt that I can … Continue reading Finish line


I am feeling really good despite learning some horrible news. On another day, this would have completely wrecked me but friends, family and what I can only imagine are an abundance of prayers have kept me not just okay but good. I saw this image earlier today and it reminded me how quickly feelings can … Continue reading Happy


Today was a lazy day. In terms of what I planned to do in my head and what I actually achieved, I feel unfulfilled. There is this imaginary version of myself that did all the writing I wanted to do today, some touch notch work, and still had the energy to drive his Mum down … Continue reading Lazy


Let me begin by saying the law of attraction is wild. Watching a YouTube video on incompatibility further illustrated this point. The video boiled down to a single statement is compatibility =/= attraction. That is you can be completely compatible with someone you don’t find attractive while at the same time attracted to someone who … Continue reading Attraction