Built different

Down one point with 16.8 seconds left on the game clock, the Lakers inbound the ball to LeBron James. Guarded by Jimmy Butler, LeBron is about to receive a pick (when a teammate attempts to block a defensive player away from the person he is guarding) from Danny Green which draws his defender Duncan Robinson … Continue reading Built different


Although it appeared to be written in the stars, the Los Angeles Lakers reaching the NBA Finals was still a feat made all the more impressive when the environment is taken into consideration. Being labelled the favourite can be as much a gift as a curse (see the Clippers) so it should not be understated … Continue reading Diligence

The Climb Back

I have been allowing perfectionism to stop me from sharing any work so I will be releasing new content for 30 days starting from today. Shout out to my interim agent for this challenge.  Today I’m going to talk about the Clippers. You might not be familiar with basketball so let me get you up … Continue reading The Climb Back