Little victories

It might seem premature but I'm going to congratulate myself today. I am proud of myself for the consistency I have shown over the last 24 days. A blog a day without fail. I am impressed because before this point I had 19 in just over 2 years. With the ramp up I have seen … Continue reading Little victories

In my blood

My first memory of driving was the Legoland driving school. I remember zipping around the enclosed roads, not a care in the world at what felt like superhuman speeds (in reality maybe 5 mph). I was a natural and got my Legoland license at the first attempt. That was the beginning of a life long … Continue reading In my blood

White Monkey

I can't adequate describe how I felt in that moment. My Nigerian JS2 (year 8) classmate had just assigned this insult to me and honestly, I don't remember much of the events before. I only remember the rage, the sweat on my brow, the tears in my eyes and my clenched fist as I contemplated striking my classmate with everything I had.