Happy Birthday, Dad. I was listening to a video essay by Khadija Mbowe, Stans: The perk and price of celebrity, and something she said made me pause the video and stare into the void. “As someone who has lost a parent, it took me three years to start feeling like myself, like a person in … Continue reading Grief

Little wins

As I drove to my aunt’s studio I smiled to myself. Here I was driving her jeep with such ease I barely considered the significance. I remember the first time I saw her roll up with her navy blue Porsche Cayenne. I instantly adored it as she let me sit in the drivers’ chair with … Continue reading Little wins

In my blood

My first memory of driving was the Legoland driving school. I remember zipping around the enclosed roads, not a care in the world at what felt like superhuman speeds (in reality maybe 5 mph). I was a natural and got my Legoland license at the first attempt. That was the beginning of a life long … Continue reading In my blood


I remember watching a play Notes from the Field with a friend. During one particular scene Anna Deavere Smith, who created, wrote and performed the play, was in character as a black man talking about his heightened awareness of his own mortality. This really resonated with me because I have never been someone who can … Continue reading Mortality


Let me begin by saying the law of attraction is wild. Watching a YouTube video on incompatibility further illustrated this point. The video boiled down to a single statement is compatibility =/= attraction. That is you can be completely compatible with someone you don’t find attractive while at the same time attracted to someone who … Continue reading Attraction

The Club

It is the worst. I don’t say that hyperbolically. Whenever I find out that someone is a member of or just joining this club my heart breaks a little. We don’t have cool events, nice t-shirts or a club chant, we just share in an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Losing a parent. … Continue reading The Club

What ifs

As I reminisced about a young romance, I realised something about myself. Something I have always known. I hate what ifs. As I've long since moved on I’ll share the story. Our location was primary school where the sun was shining, the birds chirping and I beaming as it was my birthday. I came to … Continue reading What ifs