First off I understand. For full disclosure, this isn't the first time I have tried to write this post (and I will address that soon) but JUST DO IT. Do what you may ask? The thing that has been on your mind to do, the thing that you want to, but are afraid to do … Continue reading JUST DO IT


The state of things

Every time I speak to my mum, she illustrates her forethought and wisdom, which reminds me how unprepared I am to be a parent. I remember one morning talking to her about our flat and she mentioning while she was viewing the flat how she scoped it out and imagined escape routes in the event of … Continue reading The state of things

White Monkey

I can't adequate describe how I felt in that moment. My Nigerian JS2 (year 8) classmate had just assigned this insult to me and honestly, I don't remember much of the events before. I only remember the rage, the sweat on my brow, the tears in my eyes and my clenched fist as I contemplated striking my classmate with everything I had.