As I watched my mentor's twins celebrate their birthday surrounded by all their day ones (friends they had known as long as they had been alive) in the house they had grown up in I felt a pang of ennui. Moved around so much in my teenage years, I swear down I still got motion … Continue reading Displacement

Poetic thoughts #7

And just like that my day is ruined I saw your name on my phone and smiled but then I saw the message I AM CONFUSION I read and re-read to try and make sense of what you're saying "... lets be friends" That line stings because although we were friendly, we were never friends … Continue reading Poetic thoughts #7

Finish line

I really did it, 30 day straight of content. Consistent blogging for a month, honestly if you would have told me I would have accomplished this at the start of the year I probably would have hit you with Yeaaaaah suuuuure. What have I learnt I hear you say, firstly I learnt that I can … Continue reading Finish line


Yesterday I lay in my bed, durag and sleep mask on with soothing bed time meditation music playing , wide awake. Even in an ideally peaceful situation my mind wouldn't switch off as one thought dominated my brain - I need to find a role. I should start by saying I am grateful to have … Continue reading Peace