Opening salvo

(Should I say welcome or hi, awkward moments online)

So, it seems like everyone and their cat and brother’s girlfriend’s little cousin has a blog so I have decided to join the blogosphere. I’ll walk you through my thought process because as an engineer I have been conditioned to show my working for full marks…


Conversations with myself

Inner me: So why do you want to start a blog, friend?
Me: Do I have to choose one reason?
Inner me: I guess not.
Me: Well loads of reasons.
Inner me: Such as?
Me: Well, firstly it seems like this is the year of doing things without any experience (cough Donald Trump cough)
Inner me: Ooooooooooooooooooh 🔫 🔥
Me: But on a serious note I want to change the world.
Inner me: Buddy, with a blog?! #reaching
Me: Hear me out guy, I truly believe that the power of life and death lies within the tongue so I aim to speak life through this blog. That doesn’t mean it won’t be random, or always positive and life changing, but it just means that I want to add a little levity and positivity to the world so if this helps just one person, then that’s enough for me.
Inner me: Okay get off your soap box, you’ve convinced me but still you’ve only given me two reasons my friend.
Me: Also, I have loads of inner thoughts that I think are hilarious and/or interesting so I figured I should share.
Inner me: Talking to yourself, you might have a problem buddy.
Me: This is getting way too confusing 😩
Inner me: I agree so moving on … what are you going to blog about?
Me: So much stuff, all the stuff.
Inner me: Uh-huh you wanna expand into any detail there my guy?
Me: Sure I’ll speak on topics like feminism, the African diaspora and rejection.
Inner me: Oh yeah those water cooler topics 😂
Me: I’ll also talk about music, basketball and nihilism
Inner me: 😳 and that’s all we have time for folks (cut, this guy is something else 😩)


So I invite you to read the world through my eyes and hopefully, it will spark discussion that can broaden both our horizons 😊


So let me know what you think and if this sounds dope to you get the word out


Peace and Love,
Aharoun the Author

7 thoughts on “Opening salvo

  1. Mercy Lola says:

    Aharoun the Author, I actually love this! It was pretty funny and I look forward to reading your next post. As well as showing off your humour maybe show off your wonderful music taste 🙂


  2. Danny says:

    Liking the start big man!
    Sounds like this’ll be a bloody entertaining blog to keep an eye on, also looking forward to your views on some serious and important issues 🙂


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