Little wins

As I drove to my aunt’s studio I smiled to myself. Here I was driving her jeep with such ease I barely considered the significance. I remember the first time I saw her roll up with her navy blue Porsche Cayenne. I instantly adored it as she let me sit in the drivers’ chair with the raised seat giving me full vantage of the road in a way only a jeep can. Hands on the wheel and still staring at the road I asked “ Can I drive it?”. In hindsight asking to drive a brand new car at 19 (without a full license) was the epitome of bold so her saying not anytime soon was kinder than perhaps I deserved. From that day on, I envisioned myself driving a blue Porsche. In my head that meant I had made it, so in driving the car then and the entire weekend I realised I had been living something I once visualised. No I don’t own the car but visualisation is about creating a mental image of a future event. Seeing is believing so the memory of this weekend, and this physical image will continue to guide me towards my goal.

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author 


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