Excerpts of an awards speech

…I write to tell stories of the black British experience because I believe in the power of representation. Stories can be an escape from reality yet seeing a reflection of yourself in them is a powerful thing. I write so that more people like me see themselves in my stories and others can be shown and understand a wider diversity of experiences.

I have not always loved writing. I remember being sat at the kitchen table opposite my mother, forced to sit still and finish English essays when I was young. It was hard so invariably I did not want to do it, but I also remember her encouragement. A writer herself she was my first inspiration; she always saw my potential and was able to coax it out of me. As much as I dreaded struggling to produce something she felt was good enough, I inevitably enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when I was finally done. In many ways this is what writing still feels like to me. A challenge – hard to embark on, but ultimately thoroughly fulfilling at the conclusion.

I am going to say these words aloud on a stage, when I collect an award for a TV show I will make one day. Call it bravado, confidence or speaking it into existence I just felt compelled to share this today.

Peace and Love,

Aharoun the Author


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